KSU NetID Help

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Tips & Tricks

1Use phrases:
  • Select the first character of each word to create a password:
    • Phrase: I Love Kennesaw State Students Because I Was A Student There!
    • ilkssbiwast!
  • Use the phrase and personalize it:
    • Phrase: Scrappy is awesome!
    • Password: ScrappyIsAwesome!2012
2Use character substitutions:
  • Such as the number zero (0) for the letter 'O' or '!' for the letter 'i', to add complexity to words:
    • Original: Love
    • New: L0ve
    • Original: Winter
    • New: W!nter
3Mix it up!
  • Use upper- and lowercase letters, spaces and underscores, and symbols like ! and @.
4Go long!
  • One study shows that a good 12-character password could take hackers more than 17,000 years to crack.
5Don't forget!
  • For easier recall, base your passwords on foods you like, books, films, TV shows, or first letters of a song. Use character substitutions and conscious misspellings.
6Shhh, it's a secret!
  • Even the strongest passwords don't work if they aren't secret.